Sisters Violated in Dream and Reality – Chapter 15 – Part 2

In which all is revealed!

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Sisters Violated Many Times in Dream and Reality – Chapter 13 – Part 4

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Sisters Violated Many Times in Dream and Reality – Chapter 13 – Part 3

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Sisters Violated Many Times in Dream and Reality – Chapter 13 – Part 2

(Translators note: Well I hope you took my advice, because she went from “I love you” to deep-thoating another guy in the very next scene. Eh – still a better love story than Twilight, as they used to say.

Warning: This post contains strong sex scenes. It is unsuitable for persons under the age of 18. )

That night…

Again, Shirley found herself atop that extravagant bed, dressed as she was the previous night in the transparent babydoll. This time, however, there was a pink ribbon tied around her neck.

And then, standing beside the bed was Belkut, dressed in a bathrobe as he had been last night. Right away, before Shirley’s eyes he shed the bathrobe and stood before her, his already fully erect dick towering over her.


With an enraptured expression she gazed at it.

(So ferocious❤… that wonderful cock is going to mess up my insides…❤)

On all fours she crawled towards him and began to kiss the glans of his penis. From there she ran her tongue up and down his meat rod, soaking it in her saliva…

Throughout the entire night Shirley was embraced continually by Belkut. He ejaculated inside her twice as they fucked in seated position, his face buried between her breasts. After that, to clean her body he pulled her into a nearby bathtub, immersing her in hot water. While there she gobbled down that magnificent specimen, making him ejaculate once again.

After that they returned to the bed, this time she flagrantly rode him in reverse cowgirl. He came again watching the beautiful girl’s ass.

The next night continued the banquet of debauchery.

This night, the babydoll was black, as were the ribbon around her neck and the t-back thong.

Now there was no resistance in the young girl at all, and she eagerly gulped down his penis – on the contrary, she was always in heat, her labia already spread wide and inviting for the man to plunge into her.

Already, she had become addicted to Belkut’s sex.

Because Belkut was not visiting the hospital directly, nobody could fathom what was happening.

But in the dream there was a problem. Before, Shirley had continued to fall into the dream’s spell as many as 10 times, and each time her sexual desire had risen. But she had been in a coma. However much sexual desire built up there was no way for it to be released. Also, when she had finally awoken Belkut had taken care of her bodies needs and reduced her pent-up desire.

However, since she had awakened she had continued to spend three more nights within the dream when she wasn’t being observed – when morning came Shirley once again snapped out of the dream.

In other words, while her libido was manifesting daily, there was no release. That doesn’t mean that in the real world, there was always someone keeping her company.

So, with each time she beheld the dream, Shirley’s pent-up desire continued to grow.


And then, the day of celebration for Shirley’s recovery came.

Belkut left his clinic in his horse-drawn carriage, accompanied by Kuu and Suu.

A lone pigeon fixed its gaze on the top of the building they had just left.

The pigeon was Ryan’s spirit-familiar so he was able to borrow it’s gaze. Ryan, Lefunoa, Neikus and Anshim comprised their four-person team were biding their time in a nearby inn.

“It looks like the other two are riding with him. Looks like the clinic is deserted. That’s if there are no other maids, though.”

After ensuring that the carriage had departed, the four initiated the operation.

Standing in front of the clinic, Lefunoa used her moonlight arts to hide the team from prying eyes. Neikus then rapidly picked the lock on the clinic door.

As the clinic door opened Anshim slipped inside. Ryan used his ‘MAGICAL POWER DETECTION’ on each room and searched for magical items.

Doing this, they rapidly found the pot.

“The writing is ancient… There’s no doubt that this once held a nightmare demon sealed within.”

The contents were already empty.

“Why keep the thing, I wonder…”

“In any case, we have sound proof. Lets see if can’t find anything else.”

In addition, they found a crystal capable of recording images and, in the basement, they found a magic circle.

“This… this can be used to cast large-scale moonlight magics…. these are magical formulae for casting ‘NIGHTMARE DEMON POSSESSION’ – I’m certain of it. He kept this as well without erasing it – why?”

Nobody there was able to answer her and for now Ryan busied himself documenting the magic circle. One power of his truth magic was ‘IMAGE PRESERVATION’ (what in modern times would be called a camera function) to preserve the evidence of the magic circle.

With that degree of evidence gathered, they conferred.

“We have all the evidence we could want… it’s beyond scary how well this has gone.”

“And it was left here almost undefended… Just have to pray it’s because his character is just that bad.”

They were thinking that there was also the possibility that it was a trap.

Nothing happened as they exited the clinic, and from there returned to the Association’s temporary headquarters…


The celebration was held in the Esteol family’s garden.

The Esteol family were doctors who came from a good family, so they were prosperous, and the gardens as well as the surrounding mansion were vast.

Although there had been only three days to prepare, about ten neighbors and relatives were in attendance.

The guest of honor Shirley, her big sister Grace, Ares and Belkut as well as the mother of the three sisters. The maids Kuu and Suu also made and appearance.

Grace moderated for the guest of honor in her capacity as Shirley’s caregiver, explaining what had happened to her and explaining her rehabilitation and expressing gratitude to those people who had helped them, then leading them in a toast.

From there, it became like a regular party.

Ares, in his role as a representative of the Undead Hunting Association, kept order on the streets. Currently, no large injuries had eventuated.

In their role as the protectors of the circulation of money, merchants and like were given effusive thanks.

Belkut, the one who had cured Shirley’s condition, an unofficial elder and moonlight mage. Regardless he dismissively avoided talking to anyone so he could devote himself to the food and alcohol.

The two maids were the same.

The maids true lineage as dusk nymph and beast girl was not visible. They had come dressed in maid clothes, and so could not be told apart from the Esteol family’s maids.

Shirley, feeling a little tired from receiving many words of congratulation from neighbours and family, was taking a break by a window on the premises when Belkut approached her.

“Hello Shirley.”

“A… Belkut-san…❤”

“That’s a lovely dress, I must say.”

“Oh… thank you very much.”

Shirley had been given a white dress for the party. It was daringly low-cut in the front it had a cape over the top so she wouldn’t catch a chill.

“What did you dream about these last three nights…?”

“The girl blushed brightly as she stood there for a long moment unable to speak.”

the words came out in a whisper “Belkut-san’s… lovely… cock…❤”

“If that’s so, I don’t think there’ll be a dream tonight… but how about tasting the real thing?”

*gyuu* from there the huge man genially drew the young girl into a hug.


(aa… being wrapped up by his big body… I… ❤ He’s gonna mess me up just as bad as in the dream… ❤ Belkut-san’s real live cock… I want it soo bad…❤”

As opposed to Belkut, Ares had been conversing with people at the party. Suddenly, by chance, he looked in the direction of the mansion window and saw the spectacle of Belkut and Shirley embracing.

*zokuri* a shiver ran down his spine and he pushed aside the surrounding people as he began to run.

“I… I beg your pardon!”

He entered the mansion and drew close to the embracing pair near the window. Shirley was being embraced forcibly, though her expression didn’t seem at all unhappy.

“Oi! Belkut! What are you doing!”

“Oh? You’re a reliable boy, aren’t you Ares-kun?”

“Let go of Shirley!”

“You seem to be misunderstanding – the lady was at the point of collapse and I was merely supporting her. Isn’t that right Shirley-san?”

“Y.. yes, that’s right. I’m sorry I made you misunderstand Ares-san.”

Ares expression said he was clearly unconvinced as Belkut nonchalantly took his leave.

“Are you really okay Shirley?”

He was asking not just about her condition, but to caution her against Belkut.

Shirley hopped out the window and sat on a bench in the garden. She motioned for Ares to sit beside her. They made some light conversation and then Shirley spoke seriously

“Ares-san… about what I saw in the dream that the nightmare demon put me in – do you want to hear?”

Startled, the young man looked at her. Her cheeks slightly stained, she had her head tilted slightly to one side. It was a different side of Shirley than he was used to seeing.

He swallowed nervously.

With no other reply, bit by bit Shirley began to narrate her experiences.

“All the things that had been done…
The tentacles… the humans…
All the kisses, the licking…
Her breasts, and her secret place, fondled relentlessly…
The many times she had cried for it all to stop… as hot ejaculate surged into her over and over… How she had cum so many times…”

Without wanting to, he listened and despite himself grew excited and sprung an erection.

Moreover, Shirley became aware of it and smiled lightly.

(You’re so cute, Ares-san❤… talking about all the things that were done to me… got you all horny❤)

“B.. but.. those are just things that happened in a dream. I.. It doesn’t mean things were done to you in reality.”

Frantic words spilled out of him as his mouth became dry.

“Yes… so…”

*gyuu* she pressed her breast against Ares’ arm, her limpid eyes gazing at him with mute appeal. “Ares-san, please be with me…. In reality.”

Her breasts almost spilling out of the front of her dress as she pressed against him, hemisphere’s deforming and swelling as they pressed together and squeezed halfway through the opening.

“After this… shall we go to my room?”

“A… After this!? There are still a lot of people around, and you’re still the guest of honor… I think it’d be pretty suspicious of us.” Not to mention her mother was still at the party as well.

Any foolishness that happened at a party involving a young unmarried woman, if the the particulars came out it would make her mother sad. Ares, who had never met her mother, still wanted to avoid that at all costs.

“Oh… of course. I’m very sorry.” Shirley looked down sadly.

When he saw that, Ares instead hugged her close and kissed her forehead.

“For now, can you make do with this?”


for a long moment they stayed like that, then parted separately.

After a little while, Shirley rejoined the other party-goers, chatting amiably with them.

After a while, for a second time she found herself sitting on the bench. Once again, before her eyes Belkut moved into view.



“It seemed like you offered an invitation to that young man but he didn’t climb aboard… If you like… would you accept the invitation to continue that I made to you a little while ago”

The space between the girl’s legs as she heard those words… under her skirt, between her legs began to grow damp.

Three days and three nights of hot, sexual pressure that had grown within her thanks to the dream reacted to Belkut’s words.

“…In my room… if you want…” Her face flushed scarlet as she answered him.


Sisters Violated Many Times in Dreams and Reality – Chapter 13 – Part 1

(Translators note: This is big chapter so there’ll be several parts. Thanks again to Eroero and Brutu for the assist with that untranslated fragment – there’s another one.

Warning: This post contains sexual content and a rather sweet scene between Ares and Shirley – presumably so the NTR will hit harder later. Prepare your heart.)


As Ares was deep asleep, a sound could be heard from the other side of the door, waking him up.

He took up the sword close to hand and softly went to see what was outside.

When he did this, he found that someone had collapsed against the door. He opened the door to look closer and found that it was an injured woman. Moreover, it was a form that he recognized.


He quickly called to the other association members, nursing her injured form as he did so.

On top of his bed, he hastily administered first aid as he tried to wake Lisa up.

“Lisa! Can you hear me?”

“Ares… sorry… I… screwed up…”

“… what happened?” (tn …何があった?てっきり今日はこっちに戻らずどこかに泊まるのかと…)

“… She came from that that guy’s estate.” The dusk nymph interjected.

“Goddamnit Lisa… you… you got that information…”


The circumstances were as follows:

A request had been made of the adventurers to put them in touch with one of the adventurers who had previously traveled to the West Forest Ruins, and Lisa had obtained the information.

When she learned that Belkut had purchased the pot that had held the nightmare demon from the adventurers, she had been filled with rage. In her fury she had rode off unaided to Belkut’s clinic.


“Idiot! Why did you go alone?…”

Lefunoa interjected for the second time.

“Just… just hold on Lefunoa. Let’s just hear her out first.” The red-headed young man Ryan said soothingly.


When she got there, the beastgirl maid came out to meet her.

“The master is otherwise engaged with his work. If you don’t have a appointment and cannot clearly state what your business is.”

Lisa attempted to force her way in, but Kuu pulled daggers with a H-shaped called a Katar from her bosom, and with a blade in each hand Kuu fought back against Lisa.

For a time they appeared to be evenly matched, but afterimages of Kuu’s movements began to come into sight the contest ws upended completely. The afterimages made it difficult for Lisa to track Kuu’s movements, and furthermore a strange sleepiness had started to assail her even in the midst of the battle.

Too late, Lisa realized her opponent was not alone. There was another guard backing her up.

She had taken several wounds from the Katar before she finally tried to flee, Kuu following her mercilessly to continue the offensive even after she had turned to run. Because of that, Lisa was seriously injured when she was finally able to get away.

Even then, Kuu kept up her pursuit. Lisa had to hide for a time before she was able to return to the Association headquarters.


“…so, I don’t suppose you got any information chatting to those maids, huh.”

“That’s not the case… Because they didn’t say anything…”

“… but it could be that Belkut knows you came. Dammit!”

They told Lisa that in three days they were going to infiltrate Belkut’s clinic while he was at the celebration for Shirley’s recovery.

“We know how Belkut obtained the nightmare demon pot… we have to make sure he doesn’t find out that we learned that from you. Otherwise he’ll be on his guard against us when he’s at the celebration.”

“I’m sorry. Dammit, such a stupid thing – what was I thinking?”

“It can’t be helped now. At any rate it would be best if you didn’t have any further contact with Belkut.”

Certainly, Lisa had been reckless, and Ares and his team were currently unaware that for Shirley’s curative ritual Lisa had given her body to Belkut several times. That was the source of the fury that had led her to demand answers of Belkut. They were unaware of her shame and remorse.

They all continued to monitor the situation, and after a day of no changes went to bed.

Then the next day —–

In Belkut’s clinic – the focal point of all their worries.

“Kuu, Suu. Were there any visitors or other occurrences yesterday?”

“No. Nothing” they both lied blithely.


Meanwhile, at the hospital where Shirley was recovering.


A solitary nurse addressed Grace in the hallway.

“Shirley-san has yet to awaken.”

“Is that so… well she’s only had a single day of recovery, and she was quite exhausted after yesterday’s rehabilitation… please let her sleep a little longer.”


Shirley’s recovery room.

Shirley was sleeping peacefully on her sickbed.

However inside her clothes, the part of her underwear covering her genitals was once again soaked with love juices…

Soon, her eyes fluttered open, and soon after she became aware of the state of her underwear and secret place.

She blushed as she pulled off her nightclothes and pulled down her underwear. The girl grew dazed at how wet from love juice her white panties had become.

(After all… last night’s dream caused this… it was like that… last night was incredible… really…❤)

She purred as she remembered the things that had happened last night. the memory was so intense she felt like Belkut’s cock was still inside her pussy.

(T..this isn’t good… I need to get rid of these panties quickly… also… I heard that Ares-san has finally come back, so maybe he’ll come visit me…)

Shaking her head to clear it of her wicked thoughts, she wiped down her underside and began to put on a spare pair of underwear.


Midday of that day, Ares came to visit SHirley in her sick room.

“… Ares-san”

As opposed to the time when she had been possessed by the nightmare demon, she moved clearly and opened her eyes to gaze at Ares.

“… welcome back, Shirley.”

“… I’m home… I came back.”

They smiled at each other then began to chat warmly, speaking without cease of things that had happened since she had woken up.

Even in such a casual time, Ares heart was disturbed.

Shirley’s deep red lips as she talked, the large swellings beneath her clothes that moved as she breathed. All of these things that man – Belkut – had he claimed them in that dream?

It was… likely.

From her foolish actions when she had been possessed by the nightmare demon, he unintentionally imagined…

First of all, Shirley’s white nakedness came to Ares mind.

Then he saw the huge, swarthy form of Belkut falling upon her. On her petite frame, somewhat unbalanced swellings were fondled and toyed with by the man to his hearts content. The girl blushing, pushed beyond her limits, panting.

From there her white nakedness becomes entwined with his massive naked dark form. Her bewitching, creamy skin is kissed thoroughly, their genitals between to grind against each other. Soon her resistance ends and her face is drunk with ecstasy as she runs her hands all over the man’s body. —–

(——- is what I’m imagining!
But, I heard that the details of the dream are chosen by the nightmare demon. Judging from her behavior, when she was in that dream she was unmistakably raped over and over by Belkut.

It’s all I can think about. But of course I can’t ask about it…)

“… Ares-san?”

She worriedly asked the young man who had suddenly sank into silence mid-conversation.

“…What’s wrong?”

“… No, no… It’s nothing.”

Shirley peered at Ares face with an innocent gaze, but he couldn’t meet her eyes honestly.



Shirley took Ares’s hand and hugged it to her.

“I… even now, I love Ares-san…”

“I.. as well…!”

“Then… please look at me.”

At that, Ares gazed at Shirley’s face. Her features were lovely and sweet, and he felt that nothing had changed.


*gyuuu* With all his strength he pulled her into his embrace. Her beautiful fragrance and the warmth and tenderness of her soft body.


He had the sense that the existence enveloped in his arms was absolutely lovely and precious.

(Yeah… even though Belkut did a lot of things, it was only in the dream… Even more, the fact that I love Shirley hasn’t changed at all.)

They kissed softly, and soon their tongues were twining about each other.

“nn… n❤…muu……n~…❤”

He put his hand on the back of her head and kissed her demandingly.


(I definitely love Ares-san. Apart from the good feelings, my heart feels so warm…❤)

They stayed like that, feeling as if they were melting into each other, until visiting hours had ended.

Sisters Violated Many Times in Dreams and Reality – Chapter 12 – Part 3

(Translators note: Yep – this is it. You made it through all the plot, so here’s your reward.

BTW, I haven’t read the first three chapters of this, and probably because of that I see Belkut as the protagonist rather than Ares.


Warning: This post contains strong sex scenes and lots of fluids. It is unsuitable for persons under the age of 18. )

And then, in Shirley’s hospital room.

Shirley had gone to sleep early to recover from the exhaustion of receiving everyone’s words of gladness and celebration during the day and later on the rehabilitation work necessary to recover her body’s strength.


The bed Shirley woke up on was much more ornate and wondrously extravagant to the one she collapsed onto the previous night. Shirley’s family was quite wealthy but such a canopy style bed – the type she imagined an aristocrat would own – she had never used.

Blearily, she looked around the room and found it too was gorgeous and extravagant room as it was unfamiliar.


Swiftly she turned her head in the direction of the voice and that man – Belkut – was standing there. For some reason clad in a white bathrobe.

“Belkut-san… w.. what is this place?”

“Hmm? Is there anything here that you don’t like?”


“After all, this room exists to give your body pleasure.”

Taken aback, she checked her body. She was wearing a white, sexy, transparent babydoll negliee with only a white T-back thong underneath. From her twin hills to her nipples everything was completely exposed.


With both hands she quickly tried to conceal her chest. Belkut forcefully fell upon her and claimed her lips.

“Yaaan… Don’t… Belkut-san…❤”

When he kissed the nape of her neck she writhed in seeming embarrassment.

“Let us continue on from the day’s activities. Since this is just a dream, you can do as you like.”

“D… dream..?”

“Mmm. So we can enjoy ourselves even more.”

He rubbed and tweaked her nipples under the filmy lace and slipped his other hand inside her underwear.

“Haa… ❤ … even in a dream… to be like this… I’m so ashamed… ❤”

He pulled down the flimsy white thong and traced his finger from her pubic mound to her secret place. Just from that, she began to leak.

“Haa… ❤ … Aaa .. ❤”

“In reality, you have only known a man’s embrace twice… However, in the dream, how has it been?”

*kupaa* his thick finger opening her labia. then with his tongue he probed her gently and thoroughly before plunging deep within her.

“nHaaa❤ .. there… ❤”

Her body pulsed and she sobbed from the pleasure. The man held down her hips with both hands and devoured the young girls pussy greedily.

His long, thick tongue assaulted the innermost parts of her and slurped up her pussy juice. With each lewd slurping sound causing the young girl’s limbs to quiver.

“Aaaa…❤… aa❤aa❤aa❤”

The girl’s pussy began to move and twitch in time with the tongue moving inside her.

“It seems that you’re already greedy for cock. I, also, want to make you cum with my penis.”

He took his swollen member out and held it in front of the girl’s eyes.

“Haa… as always… so burly…❤”

“Your praise honors me. Now it’s going to mess you up.”


She was made to crawl on all fours, twisting his manhood into her crevice.

*meCha* there was a wet, sticky sound as the man’s cock began to oppress Shirley’s vagina.

“Aaa❤.. a… AaaAA…❤”

She climaxed right at the point he was deepest inside her. Her body quaking and shivering.

(Ha❤…A❤… Just from being penetrated… I came…❤)

The man moved his member back and forward.

“Aaa❤.. Haa… Biiig thing…. rubbing my insides… yaan❤”

With typical intensity, his cock continued to conquer the inside of her vagina. Unable to bear the pleasure, the girl gripped the sheets tightly and pressed her face down into the bed.

The man grinned his usual smirking smile as he gripped the beautiful young girl’s rounded ass and began to slap his hips into her hindquarters. His breathing became rough as he moved relentlessly against her sweat-soaked skin. Her breasts shaking freely against the sheer, transparent cloth and love juice dripped

“Aannn❤ I’m about to cum… again… Cum❤… Cumming❤”

“It is marvelous to hear you speaking properly, Shirley. Since you asked for it, I will make you cum. By the way, why don’t you tell me what’s inside your precious place?” (tn - thanks to Eroero and Brutu for the assist.)

“Aaa❤ yes… your cock… nnnAAn…❤ Belkut-san’s … big, faat, co…ck… yaan…❤”

Her cheeks burning with shame even as she moaned such lewd words, the girl buried her face in the sheets again.

“Fufufu – you’re so cute Shirley.”

Heedless of her cries, he recklessly sped up his hip movement.

“Aaa❤ cumming❤ cumming❤ .. Cumming againnnn❤…AaaAAAAAAn…❤”

Her face still buried in the white sheets, her ass trembled stringly as she climaxed.


Soon afterwards a flood of white fluid poured inside the young girls vagina. She was quietly spellbound as the warmth from the viscous liquid seemed to fill her abdomen.

(Aaah… I feel the warmth from everywhere❤ If I wasn’t in a dream… a, I would probably have a baby in me ❤)

When the last of the dregs had been drained from him, Belkut poured a storm of kisses upon the back of Shirley’s sweat-drenched body. With each one she gave a cute moan.

However, Belkut’s manhood hadn’t withered and more and more he continued to seek her body. First, he gripped prostrate body by the arm and roughly pulled her so she fell back into a kneeling position.


He then pushed her hips forward so her body was curved like a bow.

“Yaa..nn❤.. you just pulled out… but you have so much energy…❤”

She looked back with an ardent expression, gazing intently below his abdomen.

Belkut put his hands underneath the babydoll and slowly caressed her from her ass to her waist, belly, flanks and finally to her breasts. luxuriating in the feel of her silky white skin.


He scooped up her breasts and rolled her nipples between his large fingers.

“nnn… ❤ the way you touch me… so lewd…❤”

He grabbed her two large puffs tightly, kneading a puling them in a circle. Then he pushed his hips diagonally and thrust inside her. The beautiful young girl started to pant roughly.

“A❤…A❤… no way… to get so excited again… yaa… this kind of…”

Due to his furious thrusting, love juice and semen had already begun to mingle and spill. As he pushed inside her he played with her breasts, and pulled the girl’s face around to indulge in a deep, lustful kiss.

“Haa… ❤… Aa… Everything… feels amazing…❤ kisses… tongue… fingers… cockkk..❤”

“Cum for me again, Shirley”

He began to piston into her faster and faster, his fingers digging strongly into her soft tits.

“A❤… A❤… Again… I’m … cumming so quickly… Belkut-san… amaazing…❤”

Again, inevitibly, the speed and rhythm of his hips swinging into her was bringing her to climax.

Soon both of them abandoned words entirely and only the wet sounds, gasps and sweet moans of their lovemaking could be heard.

“A❤… A❤.. nnnnnnnuuUUUUUUU.. ❤❤”

This time on her knees, trembling uncontrollably she welcomed her next climax.

*Byubu… dopu… dopu… dopu..*

Thick white liquid surged into her.

“AHaaaAA…❤… warm stuff… again…❤”

(This… I love it…❤… “If this was reality I could have gotten pregnant again”… it’s not… I can’t…)

Her face in the trance of ecstasy, her tongue sticking out, she submitted to the bliss of the feeling of being impregnated.

The man, from his position glued to her body, stroked her belly.

“How was it, Shirley?”

With a bewitched look on her face, she looked over her shoulder.

“Unbelievable❤… So much… it feels so amazing… full… of your semen…❤”

From their they kissed deeply, their tongues entwining hungrily.”


“Annn❤.. Ann…❤… amazing… again… cock… so hard…❤”

The man was lying down on the bed with the beautiful girl straddling him, her hips gyrating. Her huge, white breasts bared through the opened babydoll, she shook intensely, lost in ecstasy.

“Aah, Shirley. You are so good at this. Your pussy tightens so diligently around my dick… You seemed like a girl who doesn’t know anything of such things, but in truth this is what you were made for, my lovely.”

“Yaan…❤… don’t say that… sort of thing…❤ Hya❤… It’s your fault for making me … feel so good…❤”

They were holding hands as their hips pumped up and down. Shirley especially was delirious as her hips shook, driven crazy by Belkut’s rocking.

“A❤… A❤… so nice❤… Such things… If I remember… in the dream…❤… I’ll always want it…❤”

From the point where they were joined the man’s cock appeared and disappeared and he intensely drove it in and out, love juice and semen overflowing to drip down onto his stomach.

“Belkut-san’s cock❤… I love it❤… Haa❤ … More.. fuck me more… ❤… more… of this bliss❤”

“Really? You want to unleash like this even more? Such a shameless slut, Shirley.”

“Yes❤ I am❤.. I’m a filthy slut… unleashed❤ So… again… make me cum… HaaaAAaaa ! ❤❤”

And then, at the same time as the man’s third ejaculation, the girl arched her back and climaxed. Overall she had climaxed twice as many times as he had.

More and more, semen overflowed from the point connecting them. Shirley collapsed against Belkut’s chest.

Gently fondling her ass, he said “Shirley. Tonight, I am going to give you bliss all night. Tomorrow and the day after as well, naturally.

“Haaa… I’m so happy… Belkut-saaan…❤”

From their prone position Belkut began to move his hips, continuing as he had promised to demand Shirley’s body. Shirley, as well, responded to his demands openly lewdly, and came time and again.

And then, dawn broke…

Sisters Violated Many Times in Dreams and Reality – Chapter 12 – Part 2

(Translators note: First off – for the little trivia question I posed in the last post, the most visitors by country to this site are:

  • USA (well yeah – sure)
  • Indonesia (huh – a little unexpected…)
  • The Philippines (… dafuq?)

Malaysia is usually fourth. Sometimes it’s Canada. But the top three is solid as a rock. 

As for why I seem lukewarm (at best) on finishing this translation, it’s mainly because of why I started it…

I’m learning Japanese right now, and I’m at the stage where I feel like I need to widen my horizons and expose myself to more sources, drill more vocab and grammar into my skull. And in that context, I read an article in the New York Times, on how Googles Japanese translation had improved hugely. So I thought I try using it to translate the next untranslated chapter of this little tale. The claims in the article proved to be… overblown, but I persevered using and google translate and after a fairly depressing expenditure of time, I’d translated a chapter. Badly, but better than Google translate. I decided to make it publicly available because “why the fuck not?”. Didn’t know if anybody would care.

Turns out about 2000 people care, give or take.

Anyway, I was already into the next chapter because, well, you’ve probably read it. It’s pretty racy stuff and Lisa (previously Liza) and Grace are interesting. They have stuff going on. Their downfall means something. I resolved to at least finish that chapter but as for the rest… Shirley is basically just a moe blob who’s defining feature is her titanic boobs (spoiler alert: she’s also the special). The author seemed to know this because he had her trapped in a dream and railed in all sorts of novel ways. But now she’s out of the dream and while it’s not uninteresting it’s less interesting. There’s some stuff coming up with Ares and the beastgirls but still…

Also, for the purposes of learning Japanese, this stuff is just too far above my current level for me to get maximum benefit from it. I’m learning some stuff (愛液 = genital secretions), but it’s not efficient. And also when I say that this stuff is above my level, I’m not kidding. In more than one place – even after checking google translate,, googling the phrase and reading the surrounding text for context – I’m still just throwing my best guess in there. If you’ve noticed inconsistencies, it’s because I got exhausted correcting all the more obvious inconsistencies.

Anyway, I should stop this before it ends up longer than the chapter itself.

Warning: This chapter contains plot and some heavy fingerbanging. If you can read the word ‘fingerbang’ without the v-chip in your skull causing you to black out, you are probably fine to read this chapter fragment.

Advanced warning: the next fragment contains 80 ❤’s)



The call came from a hospital room into Grace’s examination room. When she turned to face it Belkut was standing in the hallway, leaning with his back against the wall. There was nobody else within earshot to hear him go so far as to address her without an honorific.

“… Yes?” the prodigy Grace asked agreeably, with a professional attitude. Belkut forcibly pulled her into his embrace.

“Kya! …n … m … mmm.. ❤”

Belkut pushed her relentlessly against the wall, stroking her hair as he plundered her mouth greedily.

“nMuu.. ❤… w… we can’t do this here.”

Grace’s hair was already disheveled, and her previous attitude was similarly in disarray as her resolve crumbled right right away.

The man smirked as he brought his right hand up to her short robe and slipped it inside.

“nAaa… !?”

*pikun* ! She arched her back in response. His rough, callused hands were already sliding under her panties and toying with her, wildly tracing the line of her vagina and pushing on her labia.

“nn… not here… Ha❤ Someone might come… ❤”

“No, in fact I have a request for you Grace”

“… request? a…nnn❤”

He crooked his finger and moved inside her, stirring her up. Already liquid *kucha kucha* from it could be heard.

“Yes. I would like for there to be a celebration for Shirley-san’s recovery.”

His fingers stopped moving.

“Aaann… ❤… recovery… celebration…?”

She repeated his words with an eager, slovenly look on her face.

“That’s right. I believe that if I were to hold a celebration them people wouldn’t come, so you must do it, my darling. Three days from now.”

“Three days… I feel like that might be a little fast though… nnn ❤ .. not there..❤”

His fingers again, this time moving up and down. She threw her arms around his neck.

“I would like as small a celebration as possible – hence three days. Where to hold it though… Is there somewhere?”

“aaannnn ❤ … what about the house? Shirley won’t have recovered in three days. She’s probably still exhausted. She knows the house well so she should be able to relax there… Hiii❤”

“Good point. You and your sisters… should be a lot of fun.” Belkut said, chuckling inwardly. She had given him the answer he had been seeking. “Will it be okay with your parents?”

“Father is convalescing somewhere else. Mother – if the celebration is small she won’t object. Will you be there?”

“Of course. I will also bring two maids if that is okay.”

“Yes… but why the haste?”

“Because I want to know more about you all.” he said, at the same time beginning to stir up her insides more powerfully.

“nnnAa… ❤”

“If you do this for me I’ll be sure to reward you. We can go somewhere far from here and play. We will undress one another and be helpless to pleasure to our hearts content.”

“.. ❤❤”

Picturing the scene painted by his words, standing on tiptoes the eldest sister lightly came. Love juice pas from the hem of her robe and fell to the floor.


It was dark by the time Ares’ team returned to Quoteram.

(It looks like I’m not going to be able to meet with Shirley-san today. No, the reunion will be strange… I want to meet with her soon. Shirley…)

Becoming saddened, the young man sighed.

After a brief stop at a tavern to toast the end of their journey, they returned to the associations temporary special branch headquarters.

“Thank you everyone. Rest up.”

When they entered the building, an association member approached Ares with a letter.

“Everybody, good work. Lefunoa – Lisa left the results of the standard investigation that the adventurers performed.”

“Thanks. That was fast.”

Lefunoa broke the seal and scanned the contents of the letter. Ares and Ryan looked on with concern and stayed in the room as well.

“Whoa! Look at this Ares.”

Shortly after scanning the letter, it was handed to Ares.

After reading the contents his eyes also went wide.

“The pot was recovered from off the pedestal. It contained a nightmare demon. The words written in the room were deciphered. But before the pot could be investigated in detail it had been claimed for a very high price.

And the name of that person – Belkut Sandegard.”

They were identically disquieted.

“It’s all connected. Could that bastard have used that to learn how to bring out the nightmare demon haunting?”

Lefunoa crossed her arms and pondered.

“It’s not out of the question. He already has more than enough skill to do it.”

“Then someone else could have learned the skill as well —- A!”

“—– there were two practitioners.”

They yelled at the same time.

“This isn’t definitive yet, Ares-san!”

“If that prick was working the nightmare demon haunting ritual with someone, he could have easily turned our suspicions away from him.”

“But… we have no proof, do we?” The dusk nymph told them dejectedly.

“‘Some mysterious pot. An adventurer just decided on his own to talk about it.’ is that what was said? Where is the other mage?”

“We’ll search the clinic. Something or someone there will give us the evidence we need.”

“And if there’s nothing? Some dull pot would be easy to dispose of. Also, you’d be facing two resourceful moonlight mages who have also proved very adept at concealment. I don’t think you’re going to be able to get the administrator of that informal clinic to show his true colors so easily.”

They all sank into silence. If a high-handed search turned up nothing then that would be the end of the game. They’d be beaten. Even though their opponent was just an unofficial clinic, some established organizations were uncomfortable with the comparatively new, upstart Association.

On the other hand, even if they searched that place in secret, the beast-girl was there.

Abruptly, they realized that a man had been standing there. The longtime servant of the Esteol family. A kindhearted, slender man in his middle years holding an letter in his hand.

“Good evening and apologies for disurbing you at this late hour. Ares-sama, Grace-sama has requested me bring you this letter.”

Ares was taken aback.
(To go to the effort of explicitly sending me a letter? What’s going on?)

The mood was perturbed as he received the letter and checked inside.

“… a recovery celebration for Shirley-san?”

“Indeed. Close to three days from now. Representatives of the Association are invited, including Ares-sama.”

“(This is very fast. Only Grace’s neighbors and kin and a modest celebration, in other words.) I see. We will provide a reply tomorrow.”

“Very good. Thank you very much and I bid you good night.”

As the manservant made to leave, Ryan piped up as something occurred to him.

“Er, oh yeah! Can you tell us who else will be going to this event?”

“Many have only just had a written invitation delivered to them… Some replies from neighbors have arrived.”

“Is Belkut Sandegard among them?”

“Ah… he had already given his answer.”

“Do you know if he will be attending alone?”

“No – I believe he will be attending with his maids.”

“I see. Thank you very much. I’m so sorry for delaying you.”

As they watched the receding figure of the manservant as he left, they were grateful for the quick wits of the red-headed boy.

“Nice work Ryan. On that day the clinic is going to be completely uninhabited.”

“We have no choice but to wait until then…”

“Ares-san, you will still need to go on behalf of the Association.”

“… Well it can’t be helped. I’m no good at secret investigative work, and it would raise suspicion if I didn’t attend…

Take four people, and don’t take any unnecessary risks.”

“Yes sir!”


Even later, that same day.

In the city of Quoteram, at this time of night the streets were empty, however a shadowy form walked unsteadily.

“Haaa… Haa…”

Lisa, wounded, staggering on through the streets. Her face drawn and haggard with exhaustion but focused on the Association special branch ahead…